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Tradition and technology

The simplest way to wear a summer dress, without being cold to your feet, is to twist some knitwear, warm crampons or hoodies. You can combine neutral color dresses with colored or even patterned waistcoats, and vice versa – if it is a dress of bright colors or an interesting design, choose for monochrome cravats or dressings in black, white, cream or dark blue.

Any pattern is allowed, except for those very summery – such as some Hawaiian flowers. And when it is very cold on hoods you can also wrap hot wedges or paddles in combination with ankles or high boots. Boots and ankles will automatically transform the entire look into winter.

Brand history

The big knit dress is a beautiful contrast to a flower dress from lightweight, fluttering material. Play with a combination of different colors and dress up more gowns on the dress, on all the skirts and a nice strap that will connect the whole combination (especially the long cardigan dress).

Beautiful curve